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Our story…

About Us - Saïd'sPeople have often asked me if Nile and I are crazy… no, really it’s true! They see us in our Zumba® Education Specialist (ZES™) roles, they see us travelling, teaching Zumba® Instructor training’s all over Canada, running our other businesses and being parents. They have wondered aloud to us “where and how did you create The MOVE Studio?”

Well, as we all know, the road to making big decisions in our lives sometimes is long and winding and sometimes it happens in an instance. I can truly say this path was ten years in the making but the final decision was made in 24 hours. For ten years, I nursed a dream… on and off. Sometimes writing pages and pages about this dream studio that we were going to create one day, what it would offer, what it would look like, who would come. Sometimes, not giving it any thought at all as we became busier in our lives. But dreams like this have a way of holding on to us…

Fast forward to the winter of 2013, I was back to writing my ideas down for a studio. This time, our studio would, of course, offer everything Zumba® plus original, interesting group fitness classes and dance classes. For Adults! What a concept. We came to Newmarket from Toronto where you could drop-in to any sort of fitness or dance class any time you wanted. But here there was such a gap and I wanted to fill it. I wanted to build a place where all people of all ages could come and take classes when they wanted, to offer access to fitness and dance classes that were fun, daring, interesting and to motivate and inspire people.

Well, one day, Nile says to me… “you know, you should really just reach out and find out about how to find a space that would fit your concept.” Suddenly, the very next day, we are standing in the middle of the building unit that has become The MOVE Studio, WE KNEW. In one instant. THIS was the place. Less than 24 hours later, we were proud owners of a new space, a new business concept and on the way to building a dream that had started over ten years ago.

On July 22nd, 2013 we opened our doors to The MOVE Fitness & Dance Studio. Beautiful studio with sprung maple floors, warm colours, inviting spaces to encourage our clientele to relax and have fun while being filled with energy, have a lightness in their steps and a sense of community… sincerely, a dream come true.

From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for sharing this dream with us.

Tamara & Nile


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