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Dance, Move and Remember Your Name

By T. Saïd | In State of Mind | on February 20, 2015

What is my name? Where do I live? Who are my children? Who are YOU?

These are questions that can haunt people with Dementia and Alzheimers as well as cut their loved ones to the quick as we realize that they do not remember us…these people that have paved the way for us, who have loved us like no other. It is like someone went in and turned off the light within them without warning.

No one wants to end up not remembering our own name, our long history, our stories that make us who we are. Forgetting the people that we have loved for so long and who own a piece of our heart.

So, what can WE do about it? What can we DO to stop this possible eventuality in its tracks before it raises its ugly head? Before the genes we carry think they can rule us? Before a random event can strike us? Well, first, and foremost…we get UP. Yes, UP! Leading a sedentary, couch-sitting life can easily lead you down the path of disease and make our brains susceptible to insidiuous destruction. So, we have to GET UP and MOVE. We have to conquer that inner voice that says “I am too tired.” “I am too old.” “I am not worthy enough to make myself healthy.”

You are worthy enough. You have to be! You have to walk, run, workout, dance! There is so much research out there now that describes how incredibly beneficial dancing and dance fitness is to help us keep our brains healthy and to help stave off the onset of Dementia and Alzeimers. Dancing?! Yes, dancing. (http://bit.ly/1zWQJH7alzheimers-aware- facebook comment graphic quote for fb wall status update3) Imagine our brains like an interconnected highway with on and off ramps. Disease can wreak havoc on the roads and damage the ramps so the they are ruined and the highways become disconnected. When we dance, we use our body in space, going in different planes of motion, moving laterally and medially, crossing over the midline of our body. All of this makes us use our brain, to keep our highways clear and our ramps accessible.

We need to USE our brain. That is the key. We use it when dancing, when moving, when conversing with others. We use it when we do crossword puzzles, sudoku, reading and figuring out problems. We use it when we make social CONNECTIONS.

Think about those loved ones of ours who are approaching or are in the “golden age”, we have to provide a way for them to CONNECT with others, to DANCE, to keep ACTIVE.  Whether its a Zumba® Gold class, a senior’s dance class, working as a volunteer at the hospital, or playing on a chess team, these are the small things that can be literally life-saving. They can make the vital difference between keeping memories and losing memories.

So, for those of us who cherish our memories and our loved ones, get out there. Get UP, get ACTIVE, be INVOLVED in life. Don’t let it pass you by. Don’t let anything steal you away from your LIFE. #moveitmeditations #movestudio



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